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It's Possible to Get Divorced in California This Year

Marital Separation Agreement

COVID-19 has changed everything, including how couples proceed with their divorces in California. With the courts closed, mediation and collaborative divorce are looking better and better.

The latest news from the Santa Clara County court is that they are closed for the Shelter in Place order, and, even when they re-open, they will be jammed with criminal cases. Divorces are going to be last on the priority list.

At the same time, many couples who have been forced into close proximity for the last several weeks are more sure than ever that they want a divorce. Yesterday.

Divorce Options is a free class offered to the public by Collaborative Divorce Silicon Valley. Taught by a family law attorney, a financial professional, and a counselor, the class goes through all of the choices for how to get divorced in California. Participants learn the pros and cons of each process choice in order to evaluate which one will be best for their family. The next class will be offered online, via Zoom, at 10am-1pm on Saturday, May 16. Go to for more information.

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