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mediation can help parents develop a parenting plan

Mediation of the Parenting Plan


Often the parenting plan is the most challenging piece of a divorce. Quite naturally, both parents are deeply concerned about the welfare of the children and want to spend quality time with them. Past battles about parenting, communication challenges, and a host of negative feelings around the divorce can cloud the issues and make negotiations bog down.


For this reason, some couples who are using a lawyer to mediate the rest of their divorce choose to come to me for help with mediating the parenting plan. My focus is on helping parents to not only figure out all of the logistics of sharing parenting in separate households, but also to communicate in a business-like way and understand how to resolve conflicts as they go forward in their co-parenting roles.


The end-product of these mediation sessions is a detailed Parenting Plan which will then be given back to the lawyer mediator to add to the Marital Separation Agreement. The goal of the Plan is to address all foreseeable issues and to outline a mutually-agreed-upon process for resolving any issues which may appear in the future.

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