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Parenting Coach

For most of us, parenting is the hardest job we’ve ever undertaken. There are so many factors involved!  Quick answers abound on the Internet or in the libraries full of parenting books. Real solutions, though, are not so quick. Relationships are complicated. Leadership is a learned skill which requires mentoring and practice. All parents could benefit from coaching, however, the parents who end up in my office usually have a child whose unique temperament or emotional issues cause some special challenges. I also see newly divorced or divorcing parents regarding co-parenting issues or the special challenges of single parenting.


Many parents just need a few sessions of education and encouragement to turn around discipline problems with their children. Because parents need time to practice new skills, parent coaching appointments are scheduled bi-weekly or monthly. Often parents just come on an as-needed basis, as they learn skills and situations evolve. I often will also do school visits to coordinate home/school interventions.


“Many parents start by taking my parenting class, which is available in MP3 form here. I have a few copies left of the class on CD and DVD. Please use the Contact form to email me about pricing and shipping,

or click here to order direct"

Beth Proudfoot, LMFT

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