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Fees & Forms

Fees for Services
Money in the shape of a heart

Parent coaching $235 per 50-minute session.


Collaborative Divorce Communications Coaching $350 per hour 


Collaborative Divorce Child Specialist Coaching $350 per hour.


Parenting Plan mediation $350 per hour.

Phone calls, written reports, and emails, no charge for first 10 minutes. For any time over 10 minutes, billed at hourly rate.


Clients may pay by credit card, check, or cash. All Collaborative Divorce clients must keep a credit card on file in lieu of a retainer. All checks should be made out to Child & Family Counseling Group, Inc. (CFCG)

Regarding Medical Insurance:

For parent coaching/counseling: Beth Proudfoot, LMFT is “out of network” for all insurance plans. Counseling clients with Preferred Provider (PPO) medical plans may be able to collect reimbursement after meeting their deductible. For this reason, we provide, on request, “superbills” to attach to medical claim forms. Please note that in order for your insurance to reimburse you for mental health claims, you or your child must have a diagnosis of a mental disorder. This diagnosis may be relatively benign but will stay on your medical record indefinitely. PLEASE NOTE THAT "OUT OF NETWORK" TELE-THERAPY IS OFTEN NOT COVERED BY MEDICAL HEALTH INSURANCE


Because Collaborative Coaching, Child Specialist work and mediation are not psychotherapy and don’t involve a diagnosis, they are not eligible for medical insurance reimbursement.


Click on the .pdf icon below to open, then print or download the document. If you need a version in MS Word, please email me and I can provide. To return to me, either scan and email, or take a photo and send via email.

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